Object Interface for Databases.

Easy to use
In most cases you will not need to write any database code at all, bizyStore handles it all for you with a simple API and configuration.

Mutiple Databases
Access multiple databases at once, even from different vendors.


bizyGrid layout techniques can help with many of the problems associated with modern page layouts.

bizySoft... Take control of your website.

PHP is a well known web-oriented programming language and powers some of the largest websites in the world. It's standard issue in web hosting packages along with MySQL database.

bizySoft's tools allow you to leverage your web host's powerful PHP and database resources to transform your website.

bizyStore caters for the most popular hosted databases. Driving your web-site with data is the way to go.

Thinking of bringing your old website into the responsive age. bizyGrid layout techniques can make the transition a lot easier. All our software is free, so ...