Ease of use
Easily partition your layout into the sections you need like header, footer and main content.

Cross browser support
All browsers that support CSS table behaviour.

No hacks
Uses mature CSS standards. No hacky code to get things to work. No margins, floats or Javascript required.

bizyGrid... Tame your web-site.

Page layouts can be quite difficult to execute properly, considering the range of devices available today and that browser windows can be resized. Getting your content to stay where it should is of major concern for all modern websites.

bizyGrid layout techniques can help with some of the more complex layout problems. Responsive designs can be easily incorporated by targeting individual cells at various screen sizes.

This website is built with our techniques using a fluid layout. Try it by resizing your browser width. We turn off the side spacer cells, then the left content cell when the viewport becomes too small, allowing the main content to be the focus.

You can produce designs that work on all modern browsers, are robust and easy to understand with very little CSS code compared with other techniques.