Mutiple Databases
Access multiple databases at once, even from different vendors.

bizyStore's core is based on PDO prepared statements, preventing potential SQL injection attacks on your data.

Easy configuration
Just copy to your website's include_path and set up your config.

Easy to use
Automatic Model generation allows you to code straight away.

Core code is optimised for use with Models, which is up to 3X faster than standard PDO object retrieval methods.

bizyStore... Power your web-site.

bizyStore lets you easily store and retrieve data, allowing your website to exhibit its full potential with simple, straight forward coding. It comes standard with support for the most popular databases and is equally at home powering small hosted sites as it would be with larger high volume sites.

What you get is a light weight, secure and easy to use API. In most cases you only need to write a couple of lines of code to store some data.

bizyStore is designed for ease of use. Helping you concentrate on coding your application without getting caught up in all the details of a framework, or complexities of database coding.

This piece of code is a fully functional PHP file that takes data from an HTML form and stores it in a database. It's a condensed version of the example in our distribution and shows how little code you have to write to do very useful things.

include "bizySoft/bizyStore/services/core/bootstrap.php";

use bizySoft\bizyStore\model\bizyStoreExample\Member;

$member = new Member($_POST);

It gives you the potential to power your website with any of our supported databases, even at the same time, the scope is endless. It's one simple interface no matter which one you use.

bizyStore allows you to develop a more robust data driven application faster.